New Ultima-Inspired Game: Lowlander II Available for iOS

Flat Black Films released Lowlander for iOS and Android back in 2015. It was a tile-based, exceedingly retro RPG that was basically a homage to Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress. Lowlander II: Lowlander is a follow-up to that game, and builds on the same excellent formula that made the first game so enjoyable.

And, like its predecessor, this game homages Ultima 2 rather heavily. Indeed, if anything, it is positioning itself as the Ultima 2 to Lowlander’s Ultima 1, as the game’s synopsis will make clear:

Generations have passed since the infamous deeds of the mighty Lowlander. Now the realm needs another hero — will you be the one?

The evil enchantress, Yarak, means business. She ain’t got time for you! Get that armor on – there’s adventuring to be done!

Flat Black Films boasts that Lowlander II features about sixteen hours in its main story, with a huge world to explore and expansive dungeons to delve into. In a refreshing break from current market trends, Lowlander II also features no in-app purchases; once you buy it once (it retails for $3.99 USD), that’s all you’ll pay to experience the game in its entirety.

I’ve created a project entry for Lowlander II, and I’ve just realized that I completely forgot to do so for Lowlander; I’ll have to set up an entry for that game in the near future. At any rate, you can pick up Lowlander II via the iOS App Store if you have an Apple mobile device; ports for Android and OS X are coming soon.