The Ultima 6 German Translation: Version 1.0 Beta 4 Released

Sir John has released a fourth beta version of his German translation patch for Ultima 6:

Beta 4 („Final Fathoms“) of the German Language Patch for the original Ultima VI game is available. It has turned out differently than I expected and Beta 3 („Arcane Arts“) was NOT the last one. Due to enthusiastic help of fellow Ultima fan and gamer „Kai“, who played, tested and documented the German version through to the end, some major, game-breaking bugs turned up, which I was able to fix. So big thanks are due to Kai for his valuable help and input. Kudos to you!

Changes in this version are:
– Translation of the whole endgame sequence had escaped me and was missing. I have now hex-hacked it into German
– Syntax formatting for inventory lists of e.g. baskets and boxes has been corrected (commas and blanks have been missing sometimes) Done by hex-hacking, too.
– Talking to Rob Frasier or Kador would break / stall the game (only way out was ALt+F4). This is corrected now.
– Efram convo works now. Trying to talk to him would result in „Unknown command“ in Beta 3
– Wrong keywords and missing dialogue options in Leodon and Aaron are fixed now
– Wrong articles in barks about dunegeons, shrines and caves have been fixed as good as hex-hacking permitted (German female / male version of „the“)
– Some more system messages have been translated
– As mentioned before, I have created a manual and included that in the download. It has ~30 pages, so it is a hybrid between the original manual and the U6 Compendium. It incorporates all information from the original manual but at the same time addresses all the peculiarities of this very German version of Ultima VI, like abbreviations used, use of Umlauts and so on.

Please feel free to test the BETA 4 version. Hesitate not fellow Seeker! All your existing savegames will stay compatible with later versions of this patch.

You can find the patch for download at Sir John’s website, or at the project entry here at the Codex.