Exult: New Snapshot Builds; Stop Using Version 1.2!

Dominus has posted an update — the first in almost two years — to the Exult website, and also to the Exult Facebook page.

Disappearing objects fixed but still no new version.

Dr. Code has fixed the disappearing objects and the resulting crashes quite some time ago (August 2012) and at the time it seemed we could fast forward to a new release. Unfortunately some other crashes were uncovered and Marzo went on a bug squishing rampage last year. After that very productive outburst our development almost completely stopped apart from some bug fixes.

On the plus side this means that the current snapshots are much more stable than the last rc1 release, not to mention the ancient 1.2 version that should never be used again. For that reason we no longer link to our old releases on our download page.

However there is still no new release and thus the ancient Exult 1.2 version is unfortunately still widely regarded as the stable version, especially in Linux repositories.

You can grab the latest snapshot builds for Windows and OS X at the project’s download page, or from either project entry here at the Codex.