Exult: Three Major Bugs Fixed

Dominus sends word that three major bugs have been fixed in Exult:

  • a crash at the Sleeping Bull between 9am and 12pm (Ale the parrot has a patrol schedule and code changes from January or February don’t allow patrol schedules without path eggs (mostly triggered by combat or so) and will switch the NPCs to their preset current schedule. Since Ale’s schedule is patrol and there are no patheggs he forced Exult in a crash loop ;))
  • Crystal balls in SI didn’t work only showed black until it crashed or stopped viewing the crystal ball. Also caused by the above patrol schedule change. This time it determined too early whether there were path eggs or not and assumed there were no -> looping but without crashing…
  • SI has some few background sfx music tracks which will sound correct with digital music, a real MT32 or the MT32Emu. Unfortunately it was set to play them on normal midi devices and the FMSynth as well and that sounded horrible. Also a change from around january.

Naturally, you can grab updated versions of the Exult 1.5 snapshots, for both Windows and OS X, from either the Exult website or its project entry here. I also noticed that Exult Tools and Exult Studio had updated downloads as of February of this year, and have posted updated downloads for those as well.

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  1. Bedwyr says:

    Cool they still crunch slowly away at it.