GOG’s Indie Gem: The Ultima-Inspired “The Real Texas”

For a bit less than 24 hours, GOG are featuring The Real Texas as their “Indie Gem Promo”. This indie game, set in a parody of Texas, is somehow inspired by Ultima 6.

As noted in the game’s project entry here, it’s difficult to see the connection with Ultima: The Real Texas is not a fantasy title, is not set in a far-away world, and features a range of Old West firearms as weapons instead of swords, halberds, and crossbows. To say nothing of the fact that it seems like a game that tries to amp up the weird and the comedic as much as possible.

And indeed, the game is billed as “a Kafka-esque parody stuck halfway between modern-day America and olden-days, RPG England”. It features an interactive world and a plot setup that will be familiar to fans of the Ultima series, a tough (but engaging) combat system, and has even won some praise for its quirky, humourous plot.

So, okay, I guess the connection to Ultima is a bit more apparent.

2 Responses

  1. Infinitron says:

    I think the similarity is in the interface and environmental interaction. Ie, you’d have to play the game to understand.