Map of Britain in Ultima Forever Released

You can view it in 1650 x 1311 glory on the Ultima Forever: Map of Britain page at the Ultima Forever portal.

11 Responses

  1. Jim Franks says:

    I’m very impressed with the architectural design. Pretty much no buildings look like filler and the entire city appears hand crafted.

    The mix of isometric appearing sections and 3/4 overhead perspective blends quite well. I’m a bit curious if it was hand painted or if it was plotted out in a 3d program using oblique projection as it looks rather painstaking to craft and rather spot on.

    This most definitely gets more than a mere pass from me on an artistic level. Not sure if it really gives me an Ultima vibe though. Hard to place my finger on it, but little to nothing about that town particularly reminds me of Britain or Ultima. Otherwise beautiful artwork like the treehouse, seem a bit strange in such a location, seemingly more fit for Yew, and a lot of the more elaborate magical palaces and churches seem a bit unfamiliar. No big deal, but if I saw a screenshot without the name there, I would admire the architecture, I see hearts and roses which are likely to represent compassion, but I don’t think I’d have made the connection. Perhaps some runes or an ankh somewhere?

  2. Dungy says:

    The whole layout of every town completely changed between each entry of the series. I think it’s fair to take a whole new approach to the town of Britain. I think it looks pretty. 🙂

  3. Jeff Skalski says:

    All hand painted. No 3D assets used as guides. The art team did an amazing job. This was one town we pretty much rebuilt from scratch just because we knew it would be a hub for a lot of player activity. The other towns follow more closely the classic towns as we all remember.

  4. sirklaus says:

    Look ti the rooftops the colors obviously have some meaning. 😉

  5. sirklaus says:

    Look ti the rooftops the colors obviously have some meaning.

  6. Artic Blaze Dragon says:

    Hand Painted? Very impressive indeed.

  7. Gileathane Dragon says:

    Looks great – but it’s the type of content that makes me nervous; e.g what look like cathedrals, fantasy palace turrets, walled estates – seems more at home in something like Heroes Lore. Britain’s enjoyed an economic boom in the last few years, it seems, and is now home to Britannia’s nouveau riche. Where’s my campfire with drunken bards at?