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Random Wednesdays

There was more I meant to post this evening, but things got out of hand offline. So, here’s a (long!) list of random gaming news that is loosely (at best) connected with some minor,...

Random Wednesdays

I have to say…the upcoming EverQuest games are, to my mind, jaw-droppingly awesome in terms of the sort of sandbox play they’ll allow for. Or, at least, that’s my hope.

Random Wednesdays

Neverwinter, BioShock Infinite, the ongoing 38 Studios debacle, and internal strife at Eidos Montreal. Must be Wednesday.

CD Projekt Sundays

This post will encompass two weeks’ worth of news, because I fell ill last week and forgot to post the Sunday update.

Random Wednesdays

Quite a lot of Neverwinter coverage this time around, and some sad news about Impossible Studios.

BioWare Mondays

The weekly round-up of news about BioWare, their various sub-studios, and the various RPG titles and series that they have produced or are working on.

Random Wednesdays

A whole pile of news about BioShock Infinite — with added controversy! — and also some stuff about some other games.

Bethesda Thursdays

The weekly round-up of news related to Bethesda Game Studios and their excellent RPG series, The Elder Scrolls. And any other titles they might be working on.