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Casey Hudson Quits BioWare

Surprising, to say the least. One wonders what this means for the “unannounced sci-fi property” he and his team were supposedly working on?

The Next Mass Effect Is Playable, It Seems

At least, that’s what I take away from BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn’s tweet: Great time playing the next Mass Effect game in Montreal. Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable. And fun! pic.twitter.com/xHlHFGtVKM — AaryN7 FlynN7...

BioWare Mondays

Star Wars: The Old Republic The upcoming Galactic Starfighter expansion for BioWare’s Star Wars MMORPG continues to look awesome, if not quite as enticing as…say…Star Citizen. The third-person flight mechanics seem a bit too...

BioWare Tuesdays

I ran out of time on Monday, and wasn’t able to get around to getting the daily BioWare article online. Thus…Tuesday. Because once again, there hasn’t been much news from Piranha Bytes. The Mass...

BioWare Mondays

In which we look briefly at The Old Republic, look back upon Mass Effect, and mourn Victory Games.

BioWare Mondays

The weekly round-up of BioWare-related news moves to its new home this week.