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    It’s been a while since we had an open Ultima Return form, but boy does it feel good !

    So We’ll be hanging around obviously, feel free to ask any questions. 🙂

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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    I wonder if I can find a way to get topics and replies posted here to show up on the UR website somehow?

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    Hey there. So happy to see action on this website. I’m still a frequent Ultima 7 user – more than 20 years after the release. I’m hoping to learn more about the Exult Engine for Ultima 7 – specifically about Exult Studio. Also, I’m having trouble getting Exult Rotate and some of the other mods to work. Can you give me some direction as to how to get Exult Rotate to function properly? And is there any sort of resource I can look at regarding Exult Studio? Any direction would be great. Thanks.

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      WtF Dragon
      WtF Dragon

      This isn’t the right forum for those questions, technically…this is for the Ultima Return project, which is Unity-based.

      That being said, I’ll see if I can get Dominus to swing by; he, better than anyone else, can probably make some recommendations as to where to find answers to your questions.

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    Ghobs, the first place to go to is http://exult.sf.net and look at the documentation of Exult and Exult Studio.
    In regard of Exult when you write mod it means a mod of the original games, like BG Keyring or SI Fixes which both have installation instructions.

    Exult Rotate is a patch for Exult’s source code which needs to be applied and then Exult needs to be compiled.
    There is a precompiled binary available on Exult’s forum and I guess here on the codex(though there were a couple of baf links last time I looked).
    You use that binary instead of Exult and you need to set the scaler to point and whatever, probably explained in a readme or in the forum post.
    It’s not advised to actually play with this old binary. Exult has had important fixes since then.

    If you have more questions please do ask them in our forum. But please read the documentation and FAQ first.

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