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    Dragons –
    I suspect some/parts of source codes are out there – but where?
    Am looking for especially Ultima source codes 1 to 5ish (seem simpler in terms of graphics engine, but maybe I am wrong) for pure learning purposes. I so far only dabbled with some game creation kits such as RPG Maker but never really liked them and since I am finally back into programming after many years, it seems as good a start as any.
    I am not out after a remake, simply as study objects.
    A java version would be fun (to answer a question from the U3 fanproject thread), simply because that is what I nowadays now better. Else I guess varieties of C?

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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    Source code for Ultima 7 and Ultima 9 has been archived, but that’s about it.

    You can actually extract the BASIC source from the Apple ][ executables for the earlier Ultimas; this has been done with Ultima 1, at least.

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