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    WtF Dragon
    WtF Dragon

    And Now There’s a Spanish Translation of Ultima 8

    A near-complete translation of Ultima 8 into Spanish, complete with the tools used.

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    Hi WtF,

    thanks a lot!! I’ve seen you in twitter (by Exult). I thank to you for the renovation of UltimaCodex. Now it has a very impressive look. I hope it will be a complete success.

    In ClanDLAN you can find a bunch more (and free) spanish translations for RPG and Old School games FYI. Things not done in the past, redone in the present!

    I assume you say “near-complete” because of the Speech Pack. My intention was (and it is if I can) do it, but the reason to not do it is because the compression algorithm used in U8: Pagan, I don’t know which is (nor Exult team). I talked with them.

    Well. I hope the people enjoy this translation. Any comments about it (bugs, problems, whatever in, please).

    Best Regards,
    L@Zar0 (Nick).

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      WtF Dragon
      WtF Dragon

      Thanks for dropping by, L@Zar0! And thanks for the kind words about the Codex.

      My use of “near-complete” was kind of a hedge bet; I was relying on Google Translate when reading your notes about the patch, and it was messing up the formatting horribly. So I wasn’t entirely sure if you had managed to translate all the in-game text or not.

      At any rate, this is really excellent work, and I hope people are able to pick up and run with your tools to create other translations of the game as well.

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    Awesome! Congratulations. I translated the intro to Portuguese many years ago (Youtube), but I know how difficult is to handle the strings in these kind of games. A complete translation would be impossible without the proper tools. Even though I’m not able to handle such a project right now, thanks for sharing your work.

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    Yes, you’re right. Creating the tools was a total headache for me. I’ve trying to find a tool over five years, but nobody knows anything about it.

    So, I finally decide to “disasm” (pentagram tool) some of the classes, check the instructions, see what can I do… and well… create the tools (text based, I have not done anything special), but they make possible to translate U8 in other foreign languages.

    The official Spanish translation (yes, it exists), was never patched to 2.12 AND it has a very important bug which prevents to finish the game. It is a shame it was never updated. 🙁

    @kobraki: Maybe VC++ Runtime is needed for the extraction tolos and .NET runtime is needed for VB graphic tool.

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