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Bethesda Thursdays

The weekly round-up of news related to Bethesda Softworks and Game Studios, their excellent RPG series (The Elder Scrolls), and any other titles they might be working on or publishing.

Assaulting the Hearth!

Morgaelin: Fight Indicators and Hit Animations

slashgravatar has made a few more improvements to his Ultima 4-inspired demake of Ultima 8. Hit animations and indicators for the currently active player in a fight have been implemented.

“I’m creating a world which is not incompatible with what has come before…” – An Interview with Richard Garriott

Richard Garriott Spoke At the New York Comic-Con

Richard Garriott delivered a talk at the recent New York Comic-Com, wherein he offered suggestions to promote a “healthy game development industry”. And (of course) discussed Shroud of the Avatar.


Random Wednesdays

There was more I meant to post this evening, but things got out of hand offline. So, here’s a (long!) list of …


BioWare Tuesdays

So I let this entry slide for more than a week, owing to a work trip. As a result, and because I’m also pressed for time post-Canadian Thanksgiving, the bulleted list format makes a return.


The Ultima Web Archive Is Now Hosted At the Ultima Codex

The Ultima Web Archive, a treasure trove of Ultima-related information originally developed for the Ultima Dragons, but later made part of the official Origin website, was removed from some time ago. However, Fenyx4 from the Codex of Ultima Wisdom has restored it…here at the Ultima Codex.