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Ultima 7’s 20th Anniversary

The Ultima Codex is pleased to present a tribute to Ultima 7: The Black Gate, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its release.

Beamdog Asked EA About HD Ultima Remakes

Beamdog, who are currently working on a HD remake of Baldur’s Gate, apparently approached EA about remaking the Ultima games. And they’d also be interested in working on an update to Icewind Dale.

Ultima Underworld 3’s Storyline

Pix has evidently been sitting on a copy of a story document for Ultima Underworld 3 for a while now, and he posted it online as part of his own celebration of Ultima Underworld’s 20th anniversary!

Abysmal: Not Dead After All?

Abysmal, which first appeared back in 2009, was intended as a new engine for Ultima Underworld that would work on multiple operating systems. It would appear that work has recently resumed on it!

Ultima VI Japanese Clue Book Character Images

There were a number of Japanese language Ultima clue books created for the PC and console releases in Japan, most of which are basically unknown outside of that country.  They can really only be...