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UO Producer’s Letter – Chaos and Order, Order and Chaos

Earlier today, a new UO Producer’s Letter was posted on the UO Herald.

I’ve posted a write-up about my thoughts as a current UO player, but I’ll just say this much now: It’s been too long, and I’m echoing what others have said, but we finally have a letter that sounds like it was written by the producer of an MMORPG.

Ultima Online Development Tracker is Live

The Ultima Online Development Tracker is live at What is the UO Development Tracker? Newer MMORPGs, like BioWare’s own Star Wars: The Old Republic, all have development trackers. It’s one of those things...

About Ultima Online

Ultima Online (UO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Origin Systems, which launched on September 24, 1997. It can’t claim to be the first graphical MMO, it can rightly claim to be one of the defining titles of the genre, and continues to run to this day.