Vote For Your Favourite Fan Project of 2017!

Better late than never!

This is remarkably late — well, at least a couple of weeks late — in coming. Apparently, when you a) change jobs shortly after b) the birth of your fourth child, while c) still maintaining your involvement with Scouts Canada and d) still publishing, albeit bi-weekly, two podcasts, things get a little busy. And when e) your work sends you to places like Ireland or, more recently, Atlanta, in addition to all that, spare time kind of becomes…premium, as they say.

So here we are in mid-January, and it is only now that I am able to pull this vote together. And then not without help; this list was pulled together by Dark Wraith Dragon. And it’s a surprisingly long list this year! Below are the various Ultima fan projects (and Ultima-inspired projects, too) that were saw development activity during the course of 2017. Some of them posted significant developments and were active for most/all of the year, some saw only a bit of progress…but most of them were in the news, and most of them are still active (as far as we know) here at the dawn of 2018.

What is Your Vote for the 2017 Ultima Fan Project of the Year?

Learn About the Projects

As has been the case for previous polls, you’re allowed to vote for up to three projects in total (or less, if you want), and voting will proceed until the middle of February. If there’s a tie, a second voting round will be held during the final week of February.

9 Responses

  1. Slashie says:

    OpenArthurian is missing 😉

  2. Classic Ultima Online is also missing

  3. Iceblade says:

    GASP! No Year-In-Review of fan projects…. How am I to decide who to vote for.

    hmmm…. well at least I know not to vote for that lazy bum at Forgotten World 😉

  4. Iceblade says:

    We have to choose 3


    out of 42 projects!

    I vote we switch to Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper Awards – 5 picks :). There are just too many projects.