Underworld Ascendant: PAX 2018 Video and New Screenshots

Otherside Entertainment have kicked off 2018 with a strong showing for Underworld Ascendant at PAX South:

Last weekend, OtherSide’s Joe Fielder, Paul Neurath, and Walter Somol flew to San Antonio to demo the latest build of Underworld Ascendant behind closed doors for press and influencers.

The crew had a fantastic time showing off the game, with a demo that concentrated on a few areas that we feel make Underworld Ascendant really special: the immersive sim ecology and the many options the player has for combat skill, stealth abilities, powerful magic spells, and a rich, interactive environment. (Fans of Looking Glass’ games smiled when they saw elements like The Silver Sapling and Soaker Arrows in action.)

Rather than provide a tightly-scripted demo, Joe showed off the game’s improvisational nature, taking audiences through a few high points, then letting them decide how to finish up a quest. Did they want to sneak past the remaining enemies? Use magic to set foes against each other? Or combine game systems to weaponize seemingly innocent crates using a non-offensive spell and fire?

They also released a new video showing off the current state of the game:

And as if that weren’t enough — because the video does offer a few tantalizing glimpses of the Stygian Abyss — they have also released a number of screenshots. One of these can be seen above; you’d be well advised to click on through to their news post about all of this for more.

Oh, and there’s also this concept piece showing off what the ghost of Sir Cabirus will look like in the game:

All in all, Underworld Ascendant appears to be shaping up nicely. Here’s hoping that it will enjoy a successful release some time later this year!

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