Ultima Online: Publish 98.2 Released; Sorcerer Dungeon Issue Being Addressed

Broadsword Online Games have released Publish 98.2 for Ultima Online to all of the game’s shards. Notable changes in this update include, per the change notes:

Veteran Rewards

  • 4 Year – Monster Statuettes that play a sound when locked down and activated within a house,
    • Stratos
    • Hydros
    • Pyros
    • Lithos
  • 7 Year – Enchanted Writing Desk
    • House addon crafting power tool for Inscription that allows up to 5000 charges to be stored.  Animation can be toggled on and off via item context menu.
  • 10 Year – Koi Pond
    • Animated house addon available in three sizes
  • 20 Year – Rideable Ethereal Serpentine Dragon

Holiday Rewards

  • All players logging into a production shard that are at least 30 days old between December 1, 2017 at 12:01am ET and December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm ET will receive a holiday gift token
  • Each gift comes with a gingerbread cookie inside one of 8 common gift boxes and 1 rare gift box available in a variety of hues, including 8 rare hues.
    • Holiday Bells – each “embossed with the likeness” of one of 36 different characters from Ultima history
    • Holiday Ribbon – each “hand tied” by a member of the Event Moderator team
    • Candy Cane – each “hand dipped” by a member of the UO Development Team
    • Firefly Garland – each “hand strung” by one of 26 different creatures
      • Animated item that is also a light source which can be toggled on an off by double clicking.
    • Jewelry Box
      • House add on that must be locked down to use.
      • Can be dyed with furniture dyes, natural dyes, and pigments
      • Holds up to 500 pieces of jewelry and requires 1 lockdown

Artisan Festival
The Artisan Festival returns for another year with new rewards, reverse city order and revised submission thresholds!

Additionally, in response to an issue that cropped up with the Sorcerer Dungeon in the game, Broadsword have announced a fix:

Starting with European shards on 11/1/2017 the issue with the drops in the Sorcerer’s Dungeon will be resolved with this evening’s maintenance. All other shards will receive the fix during regularly scheduled maintenance period.

We are disabling MyUO for Atlantic until we resolve the issues causing the server crash.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the issue has been completely rooted out.