Mage Duels: Getting Back to It

We haven’t heard from the Mage Duels team in over a year, so some of you could be forgiven for having forgotten what that game intends to be all about. Put succinctly, it’s an arena battle game that takes a lot of design inspiration from Ultima Online.

And after roughly a year of radio silence, the developers want us to know that they’re working on the game still:

It has been over a year since I last checked in here. A lot has changed.

The new developer didn’t work out. However there was a lot of back and fourth with the new game designer Kirk. We went over many different iterations of changes that could be made to the game. Ultimately we settled on a new system that I will be detailing later.

For now I am working on merging months of changes from different prototypes back into the main branch. Because of the rapid changes that were happening at the time, I wasn’t able to blog most of it.

It’s good to see that this project is continuing, and it will be interesting to see what changes their various iterations and prototypes will bring to the game.