Heroes of Britannia: Campout at Castleton Next Weekend

The Heroes of Britannia — the replacement event for the cancelled Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH IV — have finally announced just what sort of get-together they’ll be holding. Unfortunately, it’s a bit short notice, but it does sound as though there is still room for a few more participants:

The Heroes of Britannia are hosting a camping event at Castleton (RIchard Garriott’s property) in Austin this weekend November 10-12. The event is called Phoenix Rising. There will be a large number of us that have participated in the Hearth of Brittania Ultima LARPing universe and will be hosting classes in lore, boffer combat, and other fun things. Everyone is invited to come out for the Lord’s Dinner on Saturday night ($20 per person, catered by County Line BBQ) and to hang around at the campfire and share stories and our love for the Ultima universe. The cost is minimal and folks are welcome to camp ($40 for the weekend), to reserve cabins ($80 for the weekend) or just day-trip $5. Lord British himself will come hang out with us a couple of times during the weekend. The property is currently for sale and this may be the last chance that some of us have to be there together once more…

Please join us!

More information about the Heroes of Britannia and, presumably, this camping event can be found in the Heroes’ Facebook group. If you’d like to visit Castleton once last time over the Remembrance Day weekend, I’d suggest getting in touch with them thereat.