An Ultima V: Lazarus Writer Has a New Game Coming Out: Odd Gods, an Indie RPG

Odd Gods, a newly-announced indie RPG being developed by a Melbourne, Australia-based studio called Inn Between Worlds, bills itself as “a 90s-style RPG about the 1990s,” and as an “isometric tactical role playing game about subcultures, music, spacetime travel, and facing your pop culture demons.” It also promises “90s-era difficulty…not a game for the faint of heart, but the system is ‘fair’. Friendly fire is on by default. No bullet sponges. Permadeath, mostly.” The alignment system is based on musical genres, and the game promises to be stuffed full of 90s tropes.

An odd game, in other words. But also oddly appealing.

And the lead designer on the game is none other than Gil MacLean, also known as Gileathane Dragon; you may recall him from the Ultima V: Lazarus credits, on which project he served as a writer. (Gil mentioned to us that he’s sharing the lead writer role for Odd Gods with another person, Murray Philbrick, at present, and that the project is still looking for someone to take on the lead writer role.)

Odd Gods doesn’t seem to have much to do with Ultima in terms of its presentation or gameplay mechanics, at least based on what has been revealed of the game thus far. However, if you look closely at some of the screenshots, you’ll see a few Ultima Easter eggs therein.