Raph Koster Wants Your Ultima Online Questions

Raph KosterDesigner Dragon – should be well known to all of you reading this; he was one of the minds behind the original design of Ultima Online, and devised many of the systems that the game continues to earn praise for to this day.
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ultima Online, Koster has been posting about his history with the game, mostly via Twitter:

Koster also penned a short reflection on the grandfather of modern MMORPGs on his blog:

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of Ultima Online‘s launch day.

Funny enough, I have no particular memories of that day.

I’ve written a fair amount about UO in the past, so I am at a bit of a loss as to what to say, other than “thank you” to the folks who hired me and let me work on it, and “thank you” to the players who played and continue to play it. It has been an honor.

Koster is also planning to write a longer article about UO, and is looking to the community for questions that he should answer therein:

The best way to send your questions to him would probably be Twitter; Koster tends to be very responsive on that platform. He’s already amassed a number of questions from people, but he’s open to more.