Dungeons of Chaos: Now on Steam

As of last week, Volker Elzner’s Dungeons of Chaos — an old-school, tile-based RPG for iOS and Android devices — is also available for PC, via Valve’s Steam platform:

STEAM store page is now live! Add it to your wishlist, and fingers crossed in the next 24h it could be available!


Many thanks for everyone’s support and patience, and of course I would be really grateful if people leave a review on steam once they had a good play. The PC version has a bucket load of keyboard controls, and pressing TAB shows what is available in any given screen. Enjoy!

The game is available for…well, the price listed for me is $8.99, but it’s unclear from the game’s Steam store page whether that’s USD or CAD. Both Windows and OS X versions are available.

If you haven’t checked out Dungeons of Chaos yet, this is a good chance to do so. It’s chock-full of puns, and is very much a love letter to the earlier Ultima games.