There’s Now an Ultima Dragons-Themed Keyboard Available at WASD Keyboards

If you’re not familiar with WASD Keyboards, they are manufacturers of highly customized — and customizable — PC keyboards. Moreover, they accept submissions of keyboard templates from their community…so, naturally, Zedex Dragon took it upon himself to create an Ultima Dragons-themed template. The OS key is, naturally, the Ultima Dragons logo, and Britannian Runic features prominently on the letter keys.

The UDIC keyboard is available in the standard 104-key design, and features Cherry MX key switches, fingerprint-reducing texturing on the keyboard casing, and large rubber feet on the bottom. WASD Keyboards are also user-customizable; though they tend to ship in a QWERTY configuration, there are hardware switches in each keyboard that allow the user to switch the input type and output modes of the board.

The UDIC keyboard retails for $155 USD; it’s not cheap. But if you want to add a bit more Ultima to your desktop and you have some spare cash to treat yourself with, this is a great option.