The Ultima 6 Remake: Checking In

The Ultima 6 Remake team tend to have the habit of lapsing into long periods of silence while they slowly, but surely, work on their Exult-based remake of Ultima 6. However, they posted an update to their Facebook page back in mid-July:

…it’s been a while! Still working on the mod a little bit every few days, I’m almost finished with the Pirate Cave (where you find the tablet). Next up is Hythloth, then I believe that’s a huge chunk of the game finished (plot essential dungeons and overworld.) An update to the main site will follow once I get the pirate cave all sorted out

Hopefully, once all the plot-essential features of the remake are in place, we will get to try out a demo/alpha version for ourselves.

2 Responses

  1. Aruk says:

    How does one create a mod like that? I mean, what kind of skills do you need or softwares? Is there an editor?

    • WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

      There’s an editor in the form of Exult Studio. Skills needed would likely include tile-based and chunk-based map creation and Usecode scripting.