Why Yes, There Is an Ultima Dragons Fidget Spinner (Now On Indiegogo!)

Cran GallaraGallara Dragon, the architect of February’s amazing Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash – is back with a new UDIC-themed bit of awesomeness: Fidget Spinners!

Fidget spinners are the must-have accessory of the year! Fun to fiddle with, they can be a boon to those who need help focusing on tasks – or keeping your hands occupied while on the phone, watching TV, studying, commuting, and more. This spinner is designed especially for the Ultima Dragons with the new red-and-gold UDIC logo!

If you’d like to grab a spinner, the current minimum spend is just $6 USD. However, for $19 USD, you can get a nice bonus:

Two Red Fidget Spinners with Gold UDIC Logo, Red UDIC Pen, and Lined UDIC Journal in limited-edition 25th Anniversary Colors of blue and silver.

And for $22, you can get a nice art print. 

Two Red Fidget Spinners with Gold UDIC Logo and Poster of Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Art by Denis Loubet.

Or there’s the option I find myself most tempted by: $27 USD for five Spinners:

Five Red Fidget Spinners with Gold UDIC Logo. 10% off if you order 5!

Cran estimates that the Spinners will be available in October of this year. She’s trying to raise $550 USD to finance the initial production run, and as of this writing has raised $385 USD (with 24 days to go in the campaign).