Unknown Realm: June Update – Monsters, Megafounder and Music Preview!

Stirring Dragon Games have posted their June Kickstarter update to let us know what progress has been made on Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous since May. One thing they’ve been working on has been in-game backer rewards:

We’re ramping up production on some of the in-game content rewards. We’ve sent out surveys for backers who have basic NPC portraits and we’re impressed with the photos we’ve received from them so far. You guys are going to make some great characters in the game! Plus it’s really fun for us to put faces with names for at least some of our backers. 🙂

We decided to offer our NPC portrait backers some extra customization options besides just creating a portrait in their likeness. Now they also get to participate a little more in the design process by selecting from a list of possible occupation choices and suggesting a name for their NPC. In case you are curious, here is the list of possible occupations for our NPC portrait backers…

Surveys for those of you with mountains and tombstones will be sent out later this month, followed by surveys for backers with more detailed in-game content (mercenaries, tavern owners, etc) later this summer.

As well, they’re closing out the game’s Megafounder campaign in a couple of weeks; they’ve opened up a few new rewards for backers to pledge for until then.

Back on the production side of things, manual art has seen some work lately:

For our pen and ink bestiary, Bruce and Raf are working hard to bring back that old school monster manual feel. Some of you guys may know exactly what we’re talking about. 😉 Our goal is to create a bestiary that strikes the right balance between familiar monsters we all know and love and new monsters you haven’t seen before.

Be sure to click on through for a sample of the monster art.

Finally, they’ve got a couple preview tracks for us, to show off what Unknown Realm’s music can be expected to sound like:

Saving the best for last – we wanted to share with you a special sneak preview of some of the all-new music being created by Chris Huelsbeck for Unknown Realm!

Below are two chiptune samples: the first is a sample of the music that plays during the 80’s intro cutscene sequence, and the second is an in-game sailing tune. (The usual disclaimer applies: these are works in progress and not necessarily final.)

Again, you’ll want to click on through.