The Ultima 7 German Translation: Project Status Update

Sir John posted — and then a while ago (apologies!) — a status update concerning his ongoing project to translate Ultima 7: The Black Gate into German.

Since the Beta testing was stopped I was able to make a bit of progress:

– Other than the mentioned stone golems now also the dragon Dracothraxus and the shrines of the Three Principles are translated
– All that is left to translate is about the better half of the Erithian conversation… all in all about 20 letter-sized pages I’d guess
– my backlog is down to 60 items 😀

Contiguous to that I took the opportunity to rework the original/official translation where it was faulty or incorrect:
– the principle „Truth“ was translated as „Truth“, „Honesty“ and „Sincerity“ – it now reads „Truth“ throughout the texts
– the virtue „Honesty“ was translated as „Truth“, „Honesty“ and „Sincerity“ – it now reads „Honesty“ everywhere
– same goes for „Courage“ and Valor“ which where constantly mixed up throughout the text
– Diligence has a consistent translation as well now
– the Shrines of Compassion, Sacrifice and Spirituality now carry the translated names as in existing translations for other games of the franchise

In addition I have been able to get rid of some bugs. Big thanks again to Kai, how keeps notifying me of his finding while he is playing the game:
– several missing blanks have been added. Adding to the readability of the text
– four non working conversation strings have been corrected (Bugs in the original translation)
– When trying to heal Lord British would state the text for a departed member of the group. This is fixed now.
– Translation for Magic Bolts shows up correctly now
– The sign for the royal theatre shows up in the correct lettering now (Bugs in the original translation)
– one English string I missed is translated now
– several typos have been corrected

I don’t believe a new download of the project has been released, but it’s good to see that progress is still being made on it.

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