Omega: Map and Collision Detection Changes

Fregas Baratis has posted an update about his Ultima-inspired RPG project — Omega, as it is currently known — in the Ultima Dragons Facebook group:

Status update on my Ultime-inspired game, Omega. I have been preoccupied building a website for my Church (We’re UUs so we follow the 7 principles which is something akin to the Virtues) but I picked it back up tonight. I’m rebuilding the map and collision detection (walls, line of sight, trees, water, etc.) using Rotorz Tiles, a plugin for the Unity Game Engine. I got the water to animate using a single image and manipulating its offset instead of a 8 different versions of the image to make up animation frames. So anyway, there’s some rework going on and it doesn’t look like much now but it’s still happening.

He has released a new screenshot of his work in progress, at least; click on the cropped version above for a better view of it.