uUltima: Title Screen Concept; Planned Support for Multiple Ultima Games

Neocron Dragon posted an update on his progress creating uUltima in the Ultima Dragons Facebook group late last month, in which he introduced his longer-term plans for the project:

While I am only working on Ultima 1 right now, I wanted to share this screen concept I created which probably gives away a bit of my master plan. Whether or not it comes to fruition depends entirely on how much progress I make on the current project. If push comes to shove, at least the groundwork will be laid for the future.

I envision someday porting the first three Ultima’s into the uUltima project. When you start uUltima, you are taken to a main menu which lets you set game options, view credits, exit the game entirely, and of course, an option which takes you to this selection screen. It lets you choose from the 3 games which comprise the Three Ages of Darkness. Of course, Ultima 2 and 3 will not be available from the offset, but you’ll be able to mouse over each of the panes and the right-justified box will give information about that game (think of it like the back of the game box, giving a brief overview of the game story).

As for distribution model, which is another topic that is a LONG way away, I intend to distribute the other two games via in-game acquisition DLC, similar to how The Odd Gentlemen handled the distribution of the King’s Quest chapters. Actually, that’s exactly what I had in mind when I started conceptualizing this screen.

Character progress will carry over from one game to the next, similar to how you can transfer your character from Ultima 4 into 5 and then again from Ultima 5 into 6.

You can see the selection screen concept above. I have to say: it would be nice to see this come to fruition!

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  1. BaneMcDeath says:

    Awesome… but why not start from Akalabeth also? Dungeon 29 (can’t find British’s 0-28)