Ultima Dad: New Headcanon Blog; Reaching Jhelom in Ultima 6

Save vs. Dragon hasn’t posted a lot of updates to his Ultima Dad blog recently, for reasons that he (briefly) explains in this post from a bit over a week ago:

Air conditioning went out, family in the hospital, cats and dogs living together.

You get the idea, it’s been a bad week for father/son time. So no progress in Ultima 6.

Very little progress on the U/M Project as well, just some modpack experiments and plans for opening up development to the public to any Dragons wanting to contribute to building on their favorite map.

However, he did take the time to spin up a new blog — Ultima Dad’s Headcanon — and he explained the reasoning behind doing so in his update post as well:

I will be taking down the “Unrelated Headcanon” post. I have moved, added to, and made some corrections to it on a second blog. Ultima Dad’s Headcanon. Yes, the name isn’t original, but while it’s important to me to write out my ideas, the Ultima Dad blog is far more important over-all.

Hopefully, in the intervening week or so, his family’s health issues have cleared right up. At the very least, he and his son did find time since then to play a bit more Ultima 6:

I really should have been using the first shrine in Cove for Exp farming, because leveling up has been a pain and we are broke. I’ve begun to get comfortable with the moonstone, portaling back to the throne room for healing. It’s saving a buck or two on food, too. Seriously though. Really tempted to rob the bank or something. Oh! And murder Finn for being an inconvenience.

But I digress.

We summoned a gate to Jhelom-

No, actually we went to the shrine of Valor and got our butts handed to us.

After a restore, we THEN ported to Jhelom and proceeded to talk to everyone in town. Eventually, with some exploration and leading questions for Josh, we found out the Mantra and discovered the Rune. There was also cheese, naturally, because we found the rune in a mouse hole, along with a ring of invisibility.

Haven’t we all wanted to murder Finn from time to time?