The Ultima Game Music Fan Recreation Project: Round Two This Fall

Mike Madigan marked the first anniversary of the Ultima Game Music Fan Recreation Project with a special announcement:

It’s officially been one year since the successful funding of the Ultima Game Music Fan Recreation Project 2016 here on Kickstarter.

Dan and myself wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU again to all of our backers and supporters during the successful completion of this project, and especially all the positive feedback we received on the music tracks and the rewards.

And just like the gypsy beckoning you to her wagon one more time to choose wisely and start your adventure again in the lands of Britannia with your trusted companions, we’re excited to report that we will indeed be launching another Ultima music project this Fall 2017!

More Ultima soundtrack remixes? Go on…

This new Kickstarter project will include all newly recreated Ultima music tracks spanning the collection, more music tracks from the archives, new cloth map options, new rewards including Ankh amulets and hand-drawn character portraits, and a few surprises too!

I was quite happy with the results of the first round of this project, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Mr. Madigan, and composer Dan Belleville, can come up with next.