The Ultima 7 German Translation: Draft Menu Screen

Sir John has also been working on his German translation of Ultima 7: The Black Gate recently. He has come up with a draft version of the menu screen, which can be seen above.

While I needed a break from translating dialogues I started toying around with the exult tools to see, if I can persuade the game to accept modified images. As I seem to be unable to make palettes work for me, it is somewhat awkward and hard to find colours that match and work, but at least (after only 23 attempts) the game starts with my modified grafix compiled in the game data files.

Though, I am unsure that the quality I produced meets my expectations for good, it sure is good enough for a start

It does look rather good, if I do say so myself. My only thought is that the subtitles, rather than occupying the full width of the window, could be made to work more like they do in this image.