Someone Is Remaking Ultima 7 Using Unity

Well, here’s an exciting thing.

Outer__Gamer has embarked upon the ambitious task of re-creating Ultima 7: The Black Gate using the Unity engine. Although it is a spare time project (aren’t they all?), since about March of 2017, he has implemented the complete map of Britannia (well, the terrain, at least), a combat system, placed some of the buildings, and has set up the introductory sequence…which, based on this video, takes a few cues from Ultima 9 (and I mean that in a good way). At the time this project entry was posted, work was also being done on the Isle of the Avatar. The working title of the project is El Portal Negro.

This remake appears to be implementing Ultima 7 as a first-person game, which (I think) works rather well based on the video linked above. At present, it appears that the remake is in Spanish, though I would imagine Outer__Gamer may be open to translating it to other tongues at some point.

There is no project website to link to at this time, and Outer__Gamer won’t be releasing any downloads for a while. However, you can follow his progress on Twitter; he posts new images and videos there periodically as he finds time to make progress on this remake.

Naturally, I’ve set up a project entry for El Portal Negro as well. You can find a handful of additional screenshots there.

The First Age of Update: Serendipitous Dragon points out that there is actually a project website, which Outer__Gamer must have just set up.

5 Responses

  1. Serendipitous Dragon says:

    I found the website. 🙂 You might want to add it to the project entry

  2. Outer__Gamer Outer__Gamer says:

    Hello everyone! Thanks for the support. I hope to inform you of the progress, which are slow, but I hope you like my small contribution to the fans. A greeting!

    • Serendipitous Dragon says:

      Absolurtely, love the optics!! Take as much time as it needs, but stick to it. This can grow into something really brilliant!

      Two thumbs up for the approach 🙂

  3. Neil Graham Neil Graham says:

    2 things:
    1) Spanish Guardian is awesome
    2) The house is the same as the one from horror game The Survey (amongst others)
    I dont know if I could play this without thinking a mostly burnt shambling human girl was around the next corner 🙂