Shroud of the Avatar – Update of the Avatar #226

Greetings Fellow Avatars! Not much for what we have for you this week. However these Outskirts areas hopefully are providing some great new areas for players. 

The Making of Bloodriver Outskirts (update)

SPOILERS: Players following the Path of Truth encounter the Elven village of Bloodriver massacred by vigilantes from Aerie. The elves have fled for their lives into the forests upriver and invaded the home of an Elven hermit who dwells in a ruin deep in the forest. They have set traps to protect themselves from the vigilantes who have pursued them here and are harassing them still. Elven soldiers from Vertas are arriving from the north to protect them while Aerie soldiers are streaming in from the south east to try and stop all out war between the humans and elves. Devs hope to have this scene live in Release 43.

[From a Dev+ Forum Post by Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar]

Hey guys! SorcerousSteve here to give you another update on Bloodriver Outskirts!
As the map approaches its polish phase I’ll be preparing for spawning!

An ancient abandoned temple Pyramid deep within the forest.

The Bloodriver as it flows through the Bloodriver Forest.

Waterfalls dot the lush cliff forested region.

A road heading North cuts through a forest clearing where the dense vegetation gives way to a patch of dead trees

A free-soul nature loving automaton has chosen to make his home in this abandoned cave of the Bloodriver Forest.

Forest Spider Lair…