New Ultima-Inspired Project: Lurking

Lurking is a CRPG, for Windows-based systems, that is quite explicit in stating its main source of inspiration: Ultima 3. Oh, and also some of the early Wizardry games, with a bit of The Bard’s Tale thrown in as well. But Ultima 3 gets top billing on the game’s website.

And it’s certainly easy to see the Ultima inspiration in the screenshot above.

Lurking boasts, according to its developers, classless character creation with a rich skill tree, support for a party of up to five characters, a large open world and a non-linear story, a plethora of items (including, of course, weapons and armour), and dozens of magic spells (and songs, as well).

A Windows installer for Lurking can be downloaded from I’ve also set up a project entry for the game here at the Codex, but I haven’t put up a download link there; I’m not sure if itch frowns on that sort of mirroring.

2 Responses

  1. I would suggest not using modded Ultima V Shadowlords as mountains. Ultima fans notice this kind of thing…

  2. oklabsoft says:

    I would suggest actually trying the game out. There are several tiles in L1 modded from U5 (like the TROLL). The mountains, however, are not one of them. Try it… it is very affordable. Cheers!