Josh Steele Is Working On His Ultima 4 Tileset Again

Josh Steele drew up this alternate set of tiles for Ultima 4 almost twenty years ago, first in 16 colours, and then again in 256 colours. Apparently, it has enjoyed use in a few fan-made games, though the set was only released publicly a few years ago.

The set is incomplete, but Steele — as of early 2017 — has been working on finishing up the remaining tiles:

It is time to finish this project I’ve been working on for 20 years. Hopefully one a day to the full set.

You can follow Steele’s progress at the tileset’s GitHub page. Since late April, he has added or updated the following tiles:

  • giant squid
  • nixie
  • twister
  • cyclops
  • rogue
  • ruins
  • shrine
  • attack flash
  • bull
  • chest
  • mimic
  • ankh
  • gazer
  • wisp

You can download the tileset — still a work in progress — from said GitHub page, or from the project entry here at the Codex.

1 Response

  1. McDeath says:

    OH HELL YEAH!! I have been waiting to see this for a while now. Huge fan from his early ultima 4 tiles to the next and next.

    No download link is working to see the progress. Oh well….. maybe when finished.