Unknown Realm: March Update

Stirring Dragon Games have posted another update to the Unknown Realm Kickstarter page, detailing the progress made on the game for the month of March.


As you know, this game has a lot of custom made physical feelies that are being produced alongside the game itself. This includes 1600 wooden tavern dice that need to be manufactured for the collector’s editions. Coordinating production and quality control of these items is more challenging that you’d expect, so we started on some of these items sooner rather than later. So far, we have about half of the custom engraved tavern dice completed and we expect the rest to be finished by May. We are also working closely with our manufacturers to begin production on several other physical feelies.


At the beginning of March, we had the pleasure of having dinner with Chris Huelsbeck while he was in San Francisco for GDC. It was so cool to meet him in person, unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures! Chris just sent us the first sample track for our soundtrack two days ago and it’s going to be really exciting to start putting finished music into the game!

In-Game Content:

If you have in-game content with your pledge, we will be getting in touch with you when the time comes. A lot of those things are a bit further down the line in our development schedule, but don’t worry. We will be contacting you via email soon.

It’s also worth mentioning, in case I haven’t already — and I don’t think I have — that Stirring Dragon Games are also giving away prizes for subscribers to their email updates list. You can get yourself on that list at their website.