The Exiled: Season 3 Free for All Players

Fairytale Distillery have announced that Season 3 of their Ultima Online-inspired MOBA-meets-MMORPG, The Exiled, will be available for free:

We are just launching Season #3 of The Exiled with a big change for all players old and new:

In order to make it easier for new players to get into The Exiled we have decided to get rid of the 7-day trial period during Season #3. That means that everybody can play The Exiled for free for the coming four weeks – starting with Season #3 today. Just start the game and you’re in.

Season #3 starts today, Thursday, April 20th at 3 PM CEST with a completely fresh set of game servers and a bunch of cool games changes – here are the accompanying patch notes. Season #3 ends on may 17th.

So, if you’ve been meaning to give The Exiled a try, why not give it go over the course of the next few weeks?