HoBLotH IV: Libertines of the Hearth – Event Portal Now Live

Rustic Dragon has launched the event portal for HoBLotH IV, which now has a title: Libertines of the Hearth.

HoBLotH IV: Libertines of the Hearth is a four day, three night live-action role-play (LARP) event in the mythos of the Ultima series of video games (with some Shroud of the Avatar elements). This event shalt create the experience of being in Britannia (and New Britannia!) as realistically as possible.

This shalt highly likely be the last HoBLotH on Lord British’s property!
Why? Don’t miss out!

The theme of the event shall be as follows:

The Minoxian Tinkers Festival

The Minoxian Tinkers Festival shalt take place in the Britannia Common year of 147, which falls betwixt Ultima V and Ultima VI (with liberties taken and loopholes abused to allow the requisite flexibility for quests outside of this time period) in the city of Minoc. There shalt be a blend of Hearth designed and run quests and those provided by attendees.

Being held in Minoc, this event shalt naturally focus heavily on crafting and the Virtue of Sacrifice. Attendees wishing to run quests or activities at HoBLotH IV shouldst favour crafting, Sacrifice, and/or themes relevant to the locale and time period (though exceptions shalt always be made for great ideas). Complete guidelines shalt be available in the Quest Framework page. Additionally, a particularly rambunctious character has been stirring up quite a commotion in Minoc lately…

Mandrake’s ideas have spread to nearly all the people of Minoc. After the tyranny of ex-regent Blackthorn’s interpretation of the Virtues, it’s no small wonder that the people art eager to embrace this hedonistic interpretation of the Virtues. At HoBLotH IV, players shalt learn a great deal about the nature of these alternative Virtues including their mantras, colours, sigils, and more. There’s a reason the event is called Libertines of the Hearth

For further details, please visit the Lore & Quest Design page.

Registration for HoBLotH IV isn’t open yet; expect to see it open by April 30th. However, the event page does indicate that the registration cost shall be $200 USD/person, with registration limited to 100 attendees. The various rules of the event, which attendees will be subject to, can be found at the event page.

And while registration is not open, Rustic Dragon is accepting donations to help fund the event; Portalarium has even offered a number of rewards (e.g. in the form of in-game items for Shroud of the Avatar, and also some physical goods) for donations of $25 USD and up. Sponsorship opportunities — basically, the opportunity to place messages or advertisements on the buildings of Castleton during the event — are also available.

I might suggest checking out the HoBLotH FAQ, as well; it contains details on the registration process, among many other things.

HoBLotH IV proper will take place this coming November, from the 9th to the 12th.