Corven: Development Update and Crowdfunding Info

Corv has posted a new development update for Corven – Path of Redemption on the Titans of Ether website, which begins by explaining why updates have been so few and far between to date:

It’s been a while since I posted, but let me assure you, we are working on the game constantly.

We thought about posting updates often, but they would just distract from the work that needs to be done right now which is to create a working demo that at the same time is the beginning of the actual game. The demo won’t just be a separate “proof of concept”. This way we are working towards the bigger goal with minimal time spent on things that do not benefit the end product directly. This also means that we are working on all aspects of the game at the moment, not just the combat or the world or the storyline etc., which is, as you can imagine, quite a challenge for our small team.

The Titans are also in the midst of readying the crowdfunding campaign for Corven:

We are a completely new indie studio and this is our first project, so we cannot assume that people will trust us blindly. The demo should help with that, but I think it is important to not only plan for the optimal outcome of the crowdfunding campaign, but also for the minimal outcome. So I needed to figure out how much money we need for the minimal version of the game and the optimal version of the game. Minimal does not mean that the game will be cut short. Either way the full storyline will be in this game. It’s all about features outside of the main storyline which require more art assets, more time and/or manpower etc. I am talking about side quests, additional features which are not required for the main storyline, like the depth of crafting and so on. On top of that money also determines how much unique art can be created and how many assets that were not specifically made for this project have to be used.

The focus of the game always was and always will be the storyline and the quests with adventure-game-like puzzles.

We are aiming to start the campaign in fall. Please understand that until then updates will continue to be minimal. We promise we have lots of information for you once the campaign begins.

Happily, Corv also released a new screenshot — of a path through a forest — for us all to check out; it can be seen above.