Corona Blitz 2017 Chose “Virtue” As a Theme hosts an annual event called Corona Blitz, which is a week-long event in which game developers are invited to code games (what else?) using the Corona SDK:

Corona Blitz is an event organized by Corona SDK Developer Community. It was first organized by Andrew Potozniak in 2013 and the second was held in 2014(here and here). This time he is not around but we are bringing it back!

In Corona Blitz, you have to make a game in just 4 hours (see the rules) using Corona SDK! You are allowed use this 4 hours in any way you want. You can either develop your game(s) in a single session or split those 4 hours into several days, however you like it.

Corona Blitz will start on April 1st and end on April 8th. Voting will end on April 15th and it is open to everyone!

Corona Blitz is always organized around a theme. And this year’s theme may be of particular interest to Ultima fans:

The theme is… Virtue


There are only a few days left in the contest; I’m late in reporting this. But if any of you out there think that you can put together a game in three days, and somehow homage the Eight Virtues therein, then by all means consider entering the Blitz.

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  1. slash says:

    I feel so tempted! but it’s just too much to handle for me right now.