Underworld Ascendant: A New Look at the Game

OtherSide Entertainment have published an update concerning Underworld Ascendant’s development, the main point of which seems to be to show off some of the areas — such as the Silver Sapling, above — that have received significant polishing and VFX passes in recent weeks:

As you know, we’ve been focusing our efforts on The Challenge of Ishtass, where the player is first introduced to the bevy of choices available to them with Underworld Ascendant‘s player-authored Improvisation Engine gameplay.

We’re happy to report that we’ve progressed into the bug-fixing and polish phase. The team has been feverishly addressing gameplay feedback by Paul and Warren. It’s been at times challenging work, but we’ve been making tangible progress on combat, stealth, magic, AI, and more.

A New Look at Underworld Ascendant

We’re deep in the thick of it all, so for this month’s update we have a much-requested look at our art director Nate (BioShock, The Last of Us) Wells’ latest headway on upping our visual bar.

The areas pictured below are still receiving additional polish, lighting, and VFX passes, but we hope you’ll agree that they’ve come far since we first showed them off.

Click on through to check out still yet more images of different areas of the Abyss.