Ultima Online: Next Round of Publish 97 Updates

Broadsword Online Games have released an update for Publish 97, the forthcoming update for Ultima Online. Currently, Publish 97 is only available on the Test Center shard, and this latest update to it seems to still be focused on pets (at least based on what’s in the change notes).

Today we have updated TC1 with the latest version of Publish 97 which includes the following changes.

We are incredibly grateful to those who have taken the time to head over to TC1 to test and give feedback on Publish 97.

At this stage we have incorporated all major feedback related to pet training progress and will be moving to the specifics of pet customization.  While our major focus is on pet customization, it is still important to get feedback on the latest changes to pet training progress.  We will provide pet training advancement gates to speed up the process, but it is still incredibly important to get feedback on the changes we made to how training progress works.

As always we appreciate your time and be sure to send us your feedback!

Okay, I guess pet training, in particular, is the focus of this update.