Shroud of the Avatar – Update of the Avatar #219

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Not much this week in news, but here is what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

The Making of Kas Ruins

The Kas Ruins are one of the six ruined cities found in Novia that date back to the period in Novian history in which the Obsidian Order rose to power. (As described in the Sword of Midras prequel novel by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott). The exact history of some of these cities has been lost to time, but it is rumored that some of them may have been abandoned even before the rise of the Obsidians. Kas is the site of the ruins of an ancient Paladin fort high atop a mountainside. At the foot of the mountain is an abandoned village with a small graveyard. The entire area has become overrun by the undead.

[From a Dev+ Forum Post by Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar]

Hey guys! SorcerousSteve here to give you a peak at my latest work in progress, the Kas Ruins!

The Kas Ruins are located in North Paladis along the Tears River set against jagged mountains. It is on one of these peaks where the ruins of an ancient Paladin Fort lie. I obtained a lot of inspiration for our backdrop from the Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountains of the American West.

A Paladin Fort can be seen nested on the mountain. What secrets do these abandoned ruins hold?

The way up to the Paladin Fort is littered with traps utilized by the defenders in times of war!

Down below signs of ruined settlements.

A trap has gone off, setting a cliff side up in flames!

Stay tuned for more on the Kas Ruins!

Esteben Zaldivar
Level Designer


Spring Telethon 2017 Updates: Missed Questions Answered, Rewards Update, YouTube Upload

Missed Questions Answered: For this year’s Spring Telethon the devs had assistance from the community in gathering questions from live chat on Twitch and Discord. This resulted in a record number of questions assembled, a full 20+ pages of them! Starr “Darkstarr” Long spent the week gathering answers to those questions, in between SXSW duties, running the project, etc. He posted them to the forums here. There were questions about all topics including housing, combat, and even the Obsidian Septagram of Dominion!

Rewards Update: If you spent $5 or more during the telethon your rewards should be listed on your Account page under the Special Rewards tab. If they are not there and you believe they should be please contact the devs at Speaking of the rewards, here is the Leaf Shield which you can see below.

YouTube Upload: Finally the devs have gotten the Telethon uploaded to YouTube for those who decided not to bother watching it or missed seeing it live or do not wish to view it on Twitch.