Richard Garriott Joins the Ultima Dragons as Splut Dragon

One of the many highlights of the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash, held last weekend in Disneyland, was that Richard Garriott officially joined the Dragons.

Unfortunately, the name Lord British Dragon was already taken, so he settled on another — and, in my opinion, equally fitting — name: Splut Dragon. You can see a video of the event, handily provided by Aaron Curtis, above. Albeit it looks like Dominus (at least, I’m assuming that’s Dominus) didn’t quite manage to deliver the customary pie to Garriott’s face. Pants, yes…face, less so.

4 Responses

  1. slegnor slegnor says:

    Yes that’s Dominica, he won the silent auction to have the honor to splut….errr Splut!

  2. slegnor slegnor says:

    Dominus, thanks autocorrect

  3. ohm_image says:

    At the point, I’d happily meet either dude.

  4. slash says:

    Yes it was Dominus. I’m still disappointed because of his low accuracy.