Omega (The Unnamed Ultima Remake): Help Choose the Conversation System

Fregas Baratis is looking for some input from Ultima fans as to the conversation system style he should adopt for his still-as-yet unnamed Ultima remake project, which he has codenamed Omega:

Questions for my fellow dragons and ultima RPG fans. My game project code-named “Omega” now has some really basic Ultima 4 style dialogue. I intend to come back and make it more robust, where NPCs will remember your name, previous conversations, quests you have completed, etc. For now though, I’d like some input.

I currently have a U3-U5 style “Right pane” that shows dialogue, story and actions. When you enter a castle for instance, it tells you: “You entered the castle…”. If you try to move into a wall, it says “blocked” much like the older Ultimas. All NPCs and the player’s dialogue shows up here as well.

Do you prefer the dialogue/story to be a running log in this right scrollable area, or do you prefer more the Ultima 7 and other RPGs where a window pops up with the dialogue? Also, do you prefer freeform dialogue where you can type anything in you want with the assumption that most common response will be a variation of “I cannot help thee with that” or Ultima 7 style where you click on specific words? Thanks.

It would be best, I think, to offer him your replies and suggestions via Facebook.