If You’re Curious Where to Find Photos and Videos From the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash… (Re-Updated!)

If you’ve been looking for images or videos from the recent Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash in Disneyland, well…there aren’t that many of them online as yet. However, if you’re a member of the Ultima Dragons group on Facebook, you can check out a nice group photo of most who were in attendance, courtesy of Linguistic Dragon.

And Aaron Curtis has uploaded several videos to his YouTube channel, including performances by the Space Bards and Goldenflame Dragon’s Ultima skit.

The First Age of Update: And now Billy Chaim has added a number of photos to the Ultima Dragons Facebook group. Check them out; there are some great shots in the set!

Revenge of the Update: Another member of the Facebook group, Edwin Drost, has uploaded a number of additional images from the Bash. You can check out the first set here, another set here, and a third set here. Additionally, David Williams shared a single photo with the group, alongside which he detailed an amusing encounter he had with a Disneyland guard over his choice of costume.

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  1. slash says:

    I hope they post the full Ultima skit somewhere, that was so fun!