Dungeons of Chaos: Now With Map Notes

Volker Elzner has added some new functionality to the map view mode of Dungeons of Chaos:

Wrote a tough bit of storyline yesterday. To reward myself, today is about functionality coding. I present to you: map notes.

In MAP mode, you will see a list of notes you left in this map, and place a new one at the parties’ current position. It displays a 16 character message, a colour you chose, and where they are. If you click on one, the minimap moves there and you can select to delete it as well.

Still thinking whether I add notifications in the main walking view. Like the hovering ‘!’ For secret passages. Not sure people would need it, I think it is more a reminder for tough doors or areas they want to explore or grind later.


Personally, I love to see this sort of annotations made possible in in-game maps; it evokes all manner of happy memories of Ultima Underworld’s excellent — and perhaps still unparalleled — note-taking system, which feature was incorporated into the level maps in the game.