Ultima Online: Publish 96 Goes Global

Broadsword Online Games have announced that, beginning today, Publish 96 will be rolling out to all Ultima Online shards:

Beginning with the Japanese shards this evening, all shards will be updated to Publish 96 with their regular maintenance by February 9, 2017.  Check out the latest changes in the patch notes here and send us any feedback you have here.  We appreciate everyone’s feedback and assistance during the Publish 96 testing cycle.  Thank you!

You may recall that this Publish is the one that will add a number of new resolution options to the game’s Classic Client, which is the most significant update that client has seen in…I couldn’t begin to guess, actually. Maybe a decade? It’s a big deal, at any rate.
Some additional details gleaned from the most recent Ultima Online newsletter, meanwhile, give us a glimpse at what’s in store in Publish 97:

We are well underway working on Publish 97. The major feature release for Pub 97 is the long anticipated pet revamp. More details will be available as we move through the development process, up front I can tell you we have new creatures to tame, new ways to train and customize pets, and new viable options for pets beyond just a greater dragon!

Also, there’s some Valentine’s Day-related content available on the Ultima Store:

We want to wish everyone in Britannia a happy Valentine’s Day! For those love birds who want to tie the knot we have a new item in the Ultima Store, the Wedding Package.

The base package includes:

  • Special buffet & cocktail tables with seating to match
  • A choice of 3 botanical archways
  • A choice of 8 wedding cakes
  • Two specialty bouquets
  • Two specialty candelabras
  • A chocolate fountain that dispenses chocolate strawberries
  • Bride and Groom outfits including dress, tuxedo and engraveable cake toppers

For those with extended needs for seating an addon package is available that includes extra tables, chairs, bouquets, and candelabras.

Screenshot? Screenshot:

Finally, some moderation-related changes are incoming:

You will soon see a new Event Moderator on Oceania, Chesapeake, and Siege Perilous, so please welcome them to your shards when you see them.

On a final note I want to let everyone know that we are checking popular areas for those that are unattended macroing. If a GM appears I highly suggest you speak to him immediately, this will be your only advanced warning.

And remember: if you want to receive the Ultima Online newsletter, you can sign up at UO.com.