The Exiled: Released on Steam Early Access

Fairytale Distillery’s MOBA-meets-MMORPG, The Exiled, was released on Steam Early Access last week. Naturally, there’s a launch trailer for the game:

And here’s the official press release from the developers:

The Exiled Arrived on Steam Early Access Today
The Exiled, the highly anticipated social sandbox MMORPG from Fairytale Distillery, is now available on Steam and is free to everybody for 7 days.

The Exiled is a social sandbox MMORPG where survival strategy meets skill-based PvP combat. With no grind, full loot and unrestricted PvP clashes, players must constantly balance risk and reward as they decide how to interact with the world and other players.

With over 4500 alpha testers, The Exiled makes it’s way to Steam with features, classes and overall polish not found in your typical early access game. Everybody will be able to download and play The Exiled for free for 7 days. For players that want to continue playing, they will have to purchase one of three support packs.

β€œWe believe giving all players an opportunity to try our game for 7 days will be incredibly beneficial to the long tail and overall support of The Exiled during its time as an early access title.” said Fairytale Distillery Managing Director Alexander Zacherl.

Now, it just so happens that the Ultima Codex has had ten Steam keys for The Exiled to give away, which are were good for Seeker-level access to the game (see here for details on what that means). Drop a comment here if you’d like one! All keys have been claimed, however, and will be sent out to their recipients today.

28 Responses

  1. WtF Dragon WtF Dragon says:

    Okay, old comments system re-enabled; let’s see if this works.

  2. Monomolecular Dragon says:

    Helllllo. Try number maybe six πŸ™‚ Commenting for gooey key goodness.

  3. I just hope that you don’t have to re-click on your opponent every time you want to cast an Energy Bolt at them…

  4. This game have been on my radar for awhile, seems pretty awesome!

  5. Miles Foster says:

    Can’t wait to try this game out.

  6. kethet1 says:

    Still Monomolecular but I figured I’d go ahead and link this to g+ because it’s not like that’s useful for anything else :p

  7. eugaet says:

    Looks interesting! Glad I found out about it before the 7-day free-play period expired.
    Wouldn’t mind one of the Seeker keys if they’re still available. If not, hopefully I’ll be able to make enough time to try it out before the FTP period ends.

  8. Chlorthos Dragon says:

    How about a key for me? Still seems like a fun game.

  9. Murmi says:

    Looks very interesting. If there are any codes left I would like to get one.

  10. Love the look of this, would love a key.

  11. Spaceman3600 says:

    looks amazing! something i could play all of the time! I would love a key!

  12. Hopefully I’m too late for a free key? πŸ˜‰

  13. Admiral John says:

    This game looks incredible… if you get more keys I’d be more than happy to take one off your hands. πŸ™‚